Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tequila,Peaches, and Breakdowns

OK so I have to admit something. Friday I decided to make an amazing tequila peach pie! I was making it for our family fish fry. My dad's brother was coming out with his family and I was going to impress them with how great a cook I am. Well I really don't know if it's amazing because I never got to taste it. But really peaches soaked in tequila, lime juice, sugar and other yummy stuff all in a pie not amazing, ya right! If it doesn't sound amazing to you, then you are missing out. So back to my story. I made this pie from scratch, all the way down to the crust. And I hate making pie crust, hate it! Anyway so I make the pie crust, let that set in the fridge for an hour, and then put the yummy peach stuff together. The whole pie took me about 1 1/2 to prep. I'm slow, but some of the time was needed. So I had the pie put together and I had to put it in the freezer for 15 minutes before baking it. I go to my freezer, which is full of frozen fish just to let you know, put the pie in the freezer. I have to remind you that the pie is on a medium to large baking sheet. It wasn't quite going in there right so I open the door all the way to adjust it and the baking sheet slips out and the amazing, beautiful pie goes all over the floor! I look at it and immediately start crying, and I mean crying. So I run past my brother, who is staring at me and the awful spilled pie. From my bedroom I hear my parents walk through the front door, then I hear my brother say "Get ready, she dropped her pie!"
Then to make matters worse, I walk into my kitchen after I stopped crying and my dad says "Well, can you just make another one?" I look at him, and then just start throwing all of my dirty dishes from the pie into the sink. So then my mom starts yelling at me to stop throwing stuff around and then I start crying again, AGAIN! I really wanted that pie!
I am very sorry that I don't get to tell you how fabulous the pie was, but when I get the courage to make another one I will for sure tell you how amazing the pie was.
To make myself feel better, I went to Barnes and Noble (favorite place to go when I'm upset) the next day and got myself a too expensive, fabulous cookbook!  It is called Heart of the Artichoke   by David Tanis. It is a lovely cookbook that is worth getting. If you love to cook or you're the type of person who gets cookbooks just because they look pretty in your kitchen get Heart of the Artichoke. Seriously.

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