Monday, July 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks to Camping

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone is safe and doesn't get burned by any fireworks! I spent my 4th at the lake with my family! We go every summer and it is a blast. We have tube wars, fish, and wake board. If you didn't know this, Oklahoma weather in July is very HOT!!!! We had fun, but we were a little hot! If you have ever been to the lake you may know that you meet some interesting people there. For instance on one of the days that we were there, we saw a boat that said "Upper Class White Trash". And yes that is the truth. We didn't tent camp of course but I still call it camping.
My dad, Uncle Mark, my brother, and my cousin fish while we are there as well. Normally they catch a ton of fish, but this time they only caught a couple. One of the few they caught weighed about 60lbs. YES 60LBS.!! Crazy right?!

My cousin and me with the Huge fish!
 So we had a great time. I'm sunburned and exhausted! A fish fry is coming up soon, so I'll keep you posted:) Before I go I would like to give you some cooking tips when it comes to camping.
1. If you are packing eggs to cook with in the morning, crack the all into a empty Gatorade container and put them in an ice chest. They don't get cracked and you have eggs to eat in the morning. This brilliant  idea is from my favorite Uncle Mark.
2. When you are cleaning fish, DO NOT put the fish in the same ice chest as the drinks. Even if the are in baggies, the smell still gets on the drinks and so bring an extra ice chest, if you are fishing.

Like I said, just a couple of hints for you the next time you go camping. I will share this AMAZING  Brown Sugar Pound Cake recipe for you later. Its a new twist on strawberry short cake! I took it with me camping and it was a hit! So stay tuned:)

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