Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Can't Believe it's Butter!

I had the brilliant idea, I wanted to make butter! I did the research for it and all you need is cream! You get a jar and fill it a little under half way, put a little salt in it and then close it up REALLY tight! Then you just start shaking it, and shaking it, and shaking it. You have to shake it really hard! Soon it will become looking like whipped cream, when it gets to that stage its almost there! Just keep shaking it! It gets a little harder but just keep going! Soon you will see a ball of something and some liquid on the bottom. So when you see that, open the jar and pour out the liquid only! The liquid you just poured out was buttermilk, so you have successfully made buttermilk as well. OK so after you poured out the liquid close it up and shake a little more, and then more the remaining liquid out. After that pour a little cold water on the ball of butter in the jar and shake a little, then pour that liquid out. You now have butter!!!!

The cream in the jar!
The butter you just made may not look like the butter you get from the store. It's probably not as yellow because the factories put yellow dye into the butter that they make. So do not be scared. Put it in the fridge over night. When you want to use the butter, just take it out a couple hours before because it is real butter and its really hard! I hope you love your butter. And after you make it you will be so proud of yourself!

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