Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Friday

Last night my aunt, uncle and cousin came over for dinner. My dad's twin brother's family is just like ours. We get along great and we love each other like crazy. Our family is really funny in some ways. My mom and my aunt were really good friends growing up and then they married twins! Me and my cousins are really close in age. At this time my cousin is 19, my brother is 18, my other cousin is 17, I'm 16, and the other cousin is 15. Its crazy and at one point all of the Woodward kids were in every grade at the high school.
So they came over last night and we had a fried feast! We had fried mushrooms, pickles, squash, and the famous pickled chicken. I can't really remember who came up with pickled chicken, but it is crazy good.

Fried Mushrooms! yum

Cousin Love
To make pickled chicken you marinated chicken breasts in pickled juice all day or all night. Depending on how pickled you want it! After the chicken is done marinating you  dip it in flour with pepper and then in egg and milk then back in the flour. Then you fry them up and even if you can let them cool off from the fryer, devour it. Try not to salt them at all because the pickle juice is already really salty.

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