Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Farm Fresh Eggs!

About a month or two ago my parents had the brilliant idea to get chickens. They thought why not have fresh eggs everyday and so we got chickens. As Im cooking more and more I have found out some different things about these eggs. For one they have a richer yolk, it is very yellow. They also have a tougher outer layer, but they are amazing.
When we first got them we couldn't wait to get the eggs, so right after they would lay them we would grab them. This is our first time with chickens, so we had no idea that they were hot when you got them right after they were layed. It's very interesting and very weird at the same time.

My thought for the day has I was getting the eggs this morning was, how does a chicken lay this thing? I mean this eggs comes out of this chicken once a day and it is perfect with a shell and everything. To me that is very interesting and probably to other people it is normal and they don't think about chickens laying eggs in such a scientific way. You don't realize what animals can do sometimes. I like to think that God has many "tricks" to things he has created. The chicken for example, it is a food source in not only one way, you can eat a chicken but also not kill the chicken and get eggs! To me that's crazy and amazing.

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