Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day & Poppy Seeds!

I hope everyone had a great Father's day! I know I did. My dad means the world to me and I'm so blessed to have a dad like him in my life.

For father's day I made an amazing poppy seed cake! It was yummy and I finished my whole piece. Which that was hard considering we had steak, roasted potatoes, backed beans for lunch. The poppy seed cake was spongy and yummy. It also has a mascarpone frosting with strawberries! YUM! I was talking to my mom the other day and I was saying that I should take a break from baking and get back into cooking. Because when you bake something you always have to taste it! So then you have a whole cake left sitting on the counter with only a little sliver of a piece gone and it is just looking at you saying "You know you want more, I'm so delicious and bad for you." Why must I keep finding these delicious, fattening, recipes!

Anyway, so I'm going to try to make healthier things and I'm even going to introduce new vegan recipes for you! Okay vegan sounds weird, but wait until you see what you can make!

My home-made card


Our fab steak

Roasted potatoes

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